These are people’s souls.

This is scary. Really, really scary. And not so much because I care about what people think, though I do a little bit. But more because this is the Word of God we are talking about. This is the sacred text. These are people’s souls. Talking to others about Jesus seems so simple. He loves you. He died for you. Love Him. The end. But we all know it’s not. When an opportunity arises I get this twisty feeling inside and start getting a little sweaty because who knows how this person will respond? Will they laugh? Think I’m super awkward? Or maybe actually listen? And then I’m really in a pickle because I’ve never been to seminary, so who am I to talk about God? And by the time this train of thought makes it back to the station the person and the opportunity is gone.


So “a blog.” Do people even read blogs? I don’t read blogs but I do have these words inside me that are spilling out. Words that are prompted by the Holy Spirit. Secret truths that have been revealed to me as I spend time with the One who made me. I’ve always written these words down and kept them close and part of this is to write them digitally as a record of my growth as a Christian. But there’s something else.


Romans 5:1 “Not only is there nothing we can do to be right with God except have faith, but he also blesses us with his grace. Our safety when we stumble. We are happy because we now have the hope of sharing God’s word.”


I am thankful for the joy and peace Christ brings into my life. But I recognize that I isolate myself from others and am not always eager to share my faith. I have prayed for God to open my eyes for opportunities to share the love and hope that we have in Christ. So this is my mission. To share, share, share, share, share. In the hopes that one day you and I will share in the joy of the presence of the Lord when we meet someday  in Heaven.

11 thoughts on “These are people’s souls.”

  1. Chelsea! I am so excited that you are sharing your faith in a blog and doing it so beautifully. I look forward to reading all of them. My precious mama would be very happy about this, she loved and appreciated you so much! I pray God’s blessing on you and your blog.


  2. Chelsea! You have a beautiful heart and I love your way of expressing feelings I have, too. Thank you, brave and precious girl, for sharing!!


  3. I commend your courage in reaching out to others this way. Yes, it is hard, but you are more than able to do it.


  4. Chelsea this is such a wonderful thing you are doing and I am so proud of you. With the heart you have, your faith in Christ and the skill you have to express through words, I know you will touch many lives in positive and loving ways. God bless you in this awesome effort.

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