Merely, just.

Simply: merely; just.

Shoes. The most perfect pair of shoes. Versatile, comfortable and oh-so-stylish, must-have pair of shoes. I see them and want them, but my mama heart says yeah right. You have groceries to buy, and a birthday party to plan and oh hello, bills? I put them down and walk away. But I think about them and I research them and find the website where they are the absolute cheapest and I watch them until I just can’t take it anymore and I buy the shoes. I wait patiently for them to arrive. Practically stalking the mail lady like anything for me today? Then they are here! I rip open the box and can’t wait to slip my feet inside. I put them on at the mailbox just to wear them into the house. I have been dreaming and hoping for these shoes.

And a day comes for me to finally wear these new shoes out in public. I try to find the perfect outfit. I try on a top and check the mirror. Well that’s not exactly right. So I rip it off and slip on a cute dress. Hmm, still not quite perfect. And I stare in my closet desperately trying to find the perfect thing to accompany these new, dream shoes. So I turn to Pinterest and I find the most perfect top. But I don’t have a top like that. I click on the link and find the top. Now to research the best place to order it…

1 Timothy 6:6-7 “Serving God does make us very rich if we are satisfied with what we have. We brought nothing into the World, so we can take nothing out.”

I love pretty things. I love stylish things. I love brand-spanking new things. But these “things” will never love me back. I have been caught in this trap of wanting more and more and more, more times than I would like to admit. And every time I give in and purchase this one last thing that I know will make me happy forever, I’m sure you can guess, it doesn’t. It is never enough, I am always left wanting more. There is only one thing that fills me up, satisfies my thirst, yet still keeps me coming back for more and that is Jesus. When we think about where we came from and where we are going, it really does “simplify” things. The desires of my heart, my joy, my contentment should be found merely, just in Christ alone. 

2 thoughts on “Merely, just.”

  1. So so SOSOSO relate to this.
    I have a constant list in my head of “after the bills are paid this month I HAVE to buy this, this, this..” stuff that really means nothing but I shove it up on the highest pedestal.


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