Becoming a Woman After God’s Own Heart: Part One

I subtitled this blog “Becoming a Woman After God’s Own Heart” because is there anything else better to be? I have always been drawn to David because he is identified this way. We as women are deeply connected to the heart of things, and what better heart to be connected to than God’s.

Acts 13: 22 “And when He had removed him (Saul) He raised unto them David to be their King to whom He also gave their testimony and said I have found David, the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfill all my will.”

David must have been an exceptional person. But, wait, we all know David’s story.

You would think that to have a heart like God would mean to be perfect like Him, too. Yet, David was far from perfect. He committed multiple murders, adultery, struggled with anger and jealousy, and even had all of these mistakes recorded into the best-selling book of all time. Anyone who has ever read 2 Samuel knows how NOT perfect David is. And these are sins that hurt. They hurt not only himself, but those around him. Sins that in our modern world today, we have a hard time forgiving. Yet God loves David. Just like he loves every person that has ever committed one of these sins. Just like He loves you. Just like He loves me. God not only loves David, but lifts him up as the example for His type of merciful, heart filling love.

So what is it about David’s heart that IS like God’s?

2 Samuel 7:18 “David said, ‘Lord God, who am I? What is my family? Why did you bring me to this point? But even this is not enough for you, Lord God. You have also made promises about my future family. This is extraordinary Lord God.”


David begins as a humble shepherd. Even among his family, he is considered the least. It was these humble beginnings that make his defeat of Goliath so miraculous. But his story doesn’t end there. He goes on to be the King of Israel, win many battles and have his reign known as “The Golden Era.” A far cry from spending his days with the sheep in the fields. At this point in his life He has accomplished many great things, enough to feel quite a bit of pride in himself.

Yet he never forgets the secret to his success. When David’s officers and servants talk to him about the Almighty they address him as “your God.” David continuously gave God credit for the good things that happened to him.

As a final sign of humility, before his death he relinquishes his rule of Israel to his son Solomon. His officers are recorded as saying “May your God make Solomon an even greater King than you” and David responds by bowing his head and saying, “Bless the Lord, the God of Israel, today he has made one of my sons the King and allowed me to see it.”

Humility. Was God pleased when David made the choice to pursue Bathsheba? No. But what David did not do is let his pride keep him from humbly bowing low to the Lord and asking for forgiveness. And the Lord responded by lifting David higher than he could have ever imagined.

My prayer today is that I would humble myself under God’s mighty hand and find my contentment in the tasks He has set before me today so that in His due time He may find me to be a woman after His own heart.

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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