The Cure for Jealousy

I have felt the topic of jealousy bubbling up to the surface here lately, but I have just kept stuffing it down. This is a subject I don’t want to write about because it hits me square between the eyes. Its my ultimate character sin. Its the one I want to pretend isn’t that big of a deal in God’s eyes because that little green monster has made himself so at home in my heart it would take an experienced open heart surgeon to evict him.

Nice clothes, amazing vacations, perfect homes, well dressed kids, attention from the boss, money, the latest technology. I’m running and running and running and I just can’t keep up. But oh, how I want to! I want to prove that I’m just as stylish and well traveled and important as these people that I envy. In my most selfish way, I want others to look at my possessions and lifestyle as proof that I am important.

Jealousy happens when my view of another person is skewed. I place greater importance on their possessions than on the fact that they are a possession of Christ. I lose sight of what is actually important. The opposite of seeing a person through the eyes of jealousy, is seeing that person through the eyes of Christ.

“A tranquil heart is life to the body, but jealousy is rottenness to the bones.” Proverbs 14:30

This is definitely a missing piece in my quest to become more like Jesus. I am self-centered, not others centered. I have not been valuing others in a way that is anywhere close to the way that Christ loves and values me. He loves me so much that he died on the cross for my sins. And my love for others should resemble that type of heart and sacrifice. My prayer today is that I love others the way that Jesus loves me- I love them as if they died for me.

What is the cure for jealousy? Love. Loving others through the eyes of Christ. A person is important simply because they belong to Jesus, whether they know it or not, whether we are alike or not, whether we agree on things or not. And the greatest gift we can give people is to love them as Christ loves us.

2 thoughts on “The Cure for Jealousy”

  1. This is something I have always struggled with also. Growing older has helped me overcome some of these feelings or hopefully I have grown in Christ. I do not care as much what people think of me, although I do want to leave a Christain impression and pray that I do. I have learned I am not superwoman. Just do what I can, the best I can and let go. I have so many short comings.

    You are so smart, pretty and do so much. I am sure there lots of people that are jealous of you. I am very, for lack of a better word, PROUD of you and so very blessed to have you, granddaughter.

    As usual, this is a really good lesson and well written. Thank you.

    Love you, Gerae


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