Inspiration Sunday

I realize that the only thing that I can take credit for when it comes to my relationship with God is being open to what He is teaching me. When I keep my heart open to the lessons He is wanting me to learn, I find inspiration everywhere. Today I want to share about some of the people/ organizations that have inspired me lately.

Favorite Podcast

Focus on the Family


If you have not downloaded the Focus on the Family App, DO IT NOW. I can’t say enough what a difference these podcasts have made in my life. There is a new broadcast everyday that cover every type of problem or issue we face in parenting, marriage, our culture, current events and more. There are guest speakers who share their wisdom in a fun, relatable way. Some of my favorite guests have been all of the Robertsons (Duck Dynasty), Gary Chapman (5 Love Languages), Ann Graham Lotz (daughter of Billy Graham) and Becky Thompson (Hope Unfolding, I’ll talk more about her in a minute.) The best part about Focus is that even if you think a certain broadcast won’t be for you there is ALWAYS at least one nugget of truth in there that applies to my life. (My favorite times to listen are during my 30 minute work-out, while I’m cooking dinner, and while I’m doing all of those mundane chores that us moms hate, err I mean love.) Just download it, you won’t be disappointed.

Latest Book I’ve Read:

Hope Unfolding by Becky Thompson


You guys. You moms. Buy this book. I just love Becky and her relatable, real way of sharing stories about her life that make you think about your own. It’s short and an easy nap time read that gives you that little bit of adult conversation and encouragement you need in the middle of a chaotic day.





Instagram accounts I follow:

Finally, I wanted to share about some of the people who have been influencing my life lately. The first is @farmhousedreamsabk (Instagram) or Amy Kinser. Amy is amazing!! Not only is she a christian women with the best southern accent (from my neighboring state of Tennessee) but she is also a phenomenal decorator and stylist, especially if you are a fan of farmhouse decor. My favorite thing on Amy’s page is her stories where she talks about her style choices and gives you helpful tips (and you get to hear her accent 😉 Go follow Amy!



That’s it for today! I will hopefully be back soon with some more sources of inspiration to share.

Who are some people/ organizations that inspire you? I’d love to hear about them!

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