The Kingdom of Heaven is Like

The parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30).

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like…”

This parable begins with the above phrase. That really gets my attention. Our time on Earth should be spent doing Kingdom work- purposeful living that has eternal effects. Here, Jesus is giving us a window into what His Kingdom here on Earth is like. In Jesus time, a talent was a unit of value. In fact in my bible (NCV) this parable refers to what the master gave his servants as bags of gold. However, I don’t think it was lost on God that centuries later in our culture today, the word talent is defined as “a person’s natural aptitude or skill.”

“…He gave each one as much as he could handle.”

In God’s kingdom, there is much work to be done. He could do it all Himself if He wanted to, and He does actively pursue every heart, but for some crazy reason sometimes he lets us help. He gives each person certain talents that they are to use to do His Kingdom work. The teacher and leader, the good listener, the master comforter, the quiet servant, the super welcomer, the loyal friend. Different talents, different expectations, one goal- to share our hope in Christ with the world.

“The servant who got five bags went quickly to invest the money and earned five more bags”

Invest. God has given each of us a different dynamic of character traits that make us suited for the different opportunities of sharing the gospel with others that we will face. But we can’t invest in others without first investing in Christ. Based on my little- to no knowledge of investing, there’s one thing I’m sure of about the process- it takes time. Likewise growing into a relationship with our Savior takes time- a lifetime in fact. By investing in Him daily, I am improving and honing the talents and skills He has given me. And He is rewarding me with the greatest return of all- seeing others know Him more fully.

Matthew 25:40 “I tell you the truth, anything you did for even the least of my people here, you also did for me.”

Even this right now. The whole point of these writings is that I’m just an ordinary person. The only thing I can take credit for in all of this is that I’m open to the truths that He reveals to my heart. And when something He allows me to reveal to you touches your heart, well then we are both blessed.

My prayer is that I am not afraid to reach my full potential in Christ, to know Him and seek His will not only in the big things, but in the little everyday things, too. That I find value in people and never let a moment that could change a life pass me by. God’s plan is that we all work and grow in His love together, because that is what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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